Our Partner

We are delighted to partner with IMS Systems who have developed the perfect technological tool for managing our ISO Management System once we have created it together. I have been searching for such a partner for years and delighted that we now have a product that we continue to hone and develop and improve constantly. ISO in action! This is an optional extra to our Guaranteed ISO Certification offering which we can establish from the outset as we develop your system. What’s more it will be preloaded with the appropriate toolkits for the ISO Standards you are seeking. See below for all the features available and what is more there is also an AI option, called Alice, which will take out the vast majority of your admin and legwork going forward. If this is of interest, call me on 07528-5713567 or mail me on andrew@foycertification.com. Why not try a demo of both?

Future of business operations is here

Changing the way business and compliance is managed, audited and regulated.

Business management system which enables you to manage your operations and compliance with one seamless system, it is the first system which allows you to grant external auditors access securely to your business operations. The system allows you to evidence your business operations, capture your risks, incidents, audits, management reviews, manage documentations, tasks and ultimately have the automated reporting. One central portal for operations which you can integrate with your existing softwares that in operate in silos.

Key Features:

  • Manage Multiple ISO Standards

  • Document Management

  • Internal/External Audits

  • Manage incidents

  • Manage Risks

  • Incorporate business with compliance

  • Continual Improvement

  • Suppliers

  • Tasks

  • 3rd Party integrations

  • Automates Processes and Reporting

  • Grant external auditors secure access to schedule audits

Compliance Standards

  • ISO 27001 – (ISMS)

  • ISO 9001 – (QMS)

  • ISO 14001 – (EMS)

  • ISO 45001 – (OHS)

  • ESG – (Partners suppliers conformance)

  • BS9997 – (FRM)

  • ISO 20000 – Service Management

  • ISO 15686 – (LLC)

Your intelligent AI assistant

Ensuring ethical and compliant business practices, supporting strategic decisions based on Realtime data.

Platforms: web, Android & ios

Introducing A.L.I.C.E (Artificially, Learned, Intelligent, Compliance, Expert) Your AI companion which is a bot who has been developed to analyse data and help business stay compliant with industry and ISO standards. Alice can develop policies, SOP`s and procedures, Furthermore, Alice can support generic queries and can develop project plans, flows charts and provide many more visuals for your day to day tasks.

Key Features:

  • Create policies inline with ISO standards

  • Develop SOPs and controls

  • Generic guidance on legal regulatory and compliance

  • Integrate with iMS to analyse business data

  • Guidance on risk assessments

  • Generic guidance on legal regulatory and Create project plans,flow charts to help support your day to day task