For Contractors, ISO Certification is about assuring your customers, managing your risks, accessing new markets and improving your business!


However, ISO is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Here are the 7 most common myths that have been expressed to me on initial visits with customers (and each one will be explored in detail in forthcoming posts):

Myth #1: “It will cost a fortune”


Myth #2: “It’s too bureaucratic”/“It will tie us up in a straightjacket”/ “Paperwork won’t get the job built Andrew”


Myth #3: “We’re too small to have a quality manager, that’s for the big boys”/ “We’ll need loads of training to run it properly, I spend enough on training”/ ”There’s only a few of us in the business”/ “We’ll need loads more people to run something like that”/ “You need someone who loves paperwork; I’d never get my lot to do it”

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Myth #4: “I don’t want to have to write down everything that we do, that will take forever/ “None of us can write —articulate — a QM”/ “All the clause references confuse me”/ “Can’t stand all the jargon”

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“Myth #5: The job is stressful enough without having to operate a quality management system”/ “We’re too busy; I can’t spare anyone for that”

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Myth #6: “It will take too long”

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Myth #7: “Our customers are not asking for it”

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I will look at each area in individual posts, but start thinking about the following straight away!

  • ISO will not cost a fortune
  • It is not bureaucratic
  • It is not inflexible
  • It is for all businesses, large and small
  • It is not all about the paperwork
  • You will not need loads of training
  • You will not need extra staff
  • You don’t need to write ‘everything’ down
  • You don’t need someone who loves paperwork
  • Anyone can compile a Quality Manual
  • It will reduce, not increase, stress
  • You don’t need to ‘spare’ anyone
  • It is not a long drawn-out process
  • You don’t need jargon!


I also discuss how quality management principles and indeed ISO Certification can help you turn the pain of completing PQQ’s into opportunity and profit. It’s a free download, please secure your copy at and tell me what you think at