How to create a Quality Management System for your business and pass your ISO 9001 Audit first time.


Course Profile:

  • This course will help all construction and engineering contractors to create a Quality Management system for your business and prepare you to pass an ISO 9001:2015 Certification Audit first time.
  • You will understand Quality Management Principles and the requirements of Quality Management and ISO 9001, and how to apply this appropriately, practically and effectively to your business.
  • This is done by breaking down the requirements of ISO into “bite-size chunks” so that with a focused approach maximum progress can be made in minimum time.
  • The timescale is down to you; you can complete this course and be ready for Certification in a matter of days or more leisurely over a few weeks if you prefer.
  • Which means that the benefits of ISO Certification – assuring your customers, accessing new markets, managing your risks, improving your business and increasing your profitability – can be enjoyed by your business. Giving you the peace of mind that you are set up to succeed and that your people are clear on what your best business practice looks like. This allows you to work “on” your business not “in” your business.
  • Our process is proven with a 100% successful record of first-time ISO Audit success. Our purpose in this course is to bring that guaranteed success methodology to you in an effective step-by-step approach.
  • Any business committed to quality delivery and customer satisfaction can secure ISO Certification; this course shows you how.
  • Includes example templates and processes for you to tailor to your business, and develop a Quality Management System that both serves your business daily AND creates the ideal platform for business growth.
  • A series of easy-to-follow modules, with full explanations and instructions, guides you to a complete Quality Management System
  • Prove that you are a great business, and move from someone who “talks a good game” to a business with proven quality credentials.
  • As a result of this course, you will have a simple and effective framework to manage your whole business and ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, you will be able to demonstrate this at a UKAS Accredited ISO Audit and secure coveted ISO Certification for your business.
Guaranteed ISO Certification

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It is Foy Certification’s Intent to Be of Service

What this means is that our concern is how we assist you to fulfil your ambitions for your business, from your perspective and in your world, your reality.

In relation to this Online Course, our concern is to provide you with a simple and accessible pathway to create a Quality Management System, appropriate to YOUR business, pass your ISO 9001 (Quality Management) Audit first time and set you confidently on the journey to a continually improving business. The Outcome for you is that you will 1) assure your customers 2) open up new markets and opportunities 3) manage your risks 4) improve your business and 5) add massive value to your business should you wish to exit.

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Guaranteed ISO Certification

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Guaranteed ISO Certification