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Everything you need to know about ISO Certification and what it can do for your Construction business

ISO Certification – your Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental credentials – is achievable by ANY business committed to quality delivery and customer satisfaction.

Is your business worthy of recognition?

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • What is ISO all about?
  • What are the Quality Management Principles that any business needs to ensure are alive and well?
  • What are the Myths of ISO Certification? We will debunk them.
  • What are the Benefits of ISO Certification?
  • What is Foy Certification’s Guaranteed Success Methodology that will see you pass your ISO audits first time?

It is our intent to Be of Service;

What this means is that our concern is how we assist you to fulfil your ambitions for your business, from your perspective and in your world, inside your reality.

In relation to this Webinar, our concern is to provide you with

  • an understanding of Quality Management and ISO Certification
  • an awareness of a simple and accessible pathway to create a Quality Management System, appropriate to YOUR business,
  • an understanding of how you pass your ISO 9001 (Quality Management) Audit first time and
  • how this can set you confidently on the journey to a continually improving business.

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