The ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard are changing!

But, for the moment we would advise you NOT to rush into training or development activities that are related to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

As a business who has secured UKAS accredited ISO Certification I am very concerned that you may be bombarded with ISO 2015 “training” courses. Whilst there are proposed significant changes to the requirements and changes to the way you will need to demonstrate how your company processes work, you will have a period of transition to achieve compliance with the new requirements. The final transition arrangements are being confirmed by UKAS but clients currently registered to the current versions will have a 3-year period to make the transition from the date of issue of the new standard. Although unlikely, it is certainly possible that there may be more changes before final publication and the Certification Bodies (Auditors) themselves will also need time to understand how to effectively audit the new Standards and some are saying it could be early 2016 before they are ready to do so.

The new standards should come into effect during the autumn of this year (2015) and all currently registered businesses will then enter that period of transition to achieve compliance with the new requirements.

When the Final Versions of the 2015 editions are available, Foy Certification will be offering advice and guidance with regards to an optimum way forward to address the new and changed requirements. I’m happy to speak to you on this if you wish.

Andrew Foy
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